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Monique Hale is HL’s unicorn: an ACTUAL LA native!! We’ve heard of these mythical beings, but have never actually met one. Incredibly rare in their natural habitat, we think they should be a Protected Species, but Monique didn’t seem too down with living on a Native Angeleno Wildlife Reserve when we floated the idea past her. A study in contradictions, this Sunny LA native has a tough rocker-babe aesthetic and a take-no-shit-or-prisoners attitude that would be right at home in the mafia…or the Jersey Shore.

Q: What hair trend are you obsessed with?
A: OMG! For sure the 90s bob!! I just cut mine all off and I’m obsessed.

Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out in the hair industry?
A: I would ask, “Do you love hair? Is it your passion?” Do what you love and do it with PASSION.

Q: Where do you go when you want to have an amazing meal and who are you going with?
A: To this whole in the wall place called Taco Nazo in Bellflower with my husband. (Thanks for the Insider Tip Monique, we won’t tell anyone.)