172 Davenport Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 1J2, Canada
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Lac + Co is Toronto’s premiere Hair, Beauty, and Lifestyle Boutique, created by HL’s most audacious and awesome Specialist, the incomparable and often unbelievable Tony Pham. Located in the posh neighborhood of Yorkville, Lac + Co is the go-to destination for every Actress, Starlet, and Beautiful Person that has ever stepped a stilettoed foot in cosmopolitan Toronto. An Average Attractive person was spotted there once, but it turns out they were only making a delivery. HL is incredibly proud to partner exclusively with Lac + Co and Tony Pham in providing the most beautiful extensions to the most beautiful people of Toronto. To experience Beauty, Luxury, Service, and Hospitality the Tony Phamily way is to quit your job, apply for citizenship in Canada, and adopt a love for the peameal sandwich.