23460 Cinema Drive Suite G
Valencia, CA 91355
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Janet Barajas has an impressive resume that includes with working with famed photographer David LaChapelle and award winning makeup artist Alexis Vogel. Known for creating soft and sexy hair for her A-list clientele, Janet traveled all over the world before opening the successful salon Ra Bar in the vibrant neighborhood of West Hollywood. Never one to rest on past accomplishments, Janet sold her thriving salon to embrace the challenge of opening an upscale salon concept in Valencia. When she’s not busy creating the next-level luxurious experience at A-List Salon, she’s in Los Angeles serving her loyal Beverly Hills clients, or doing hair on the set of Criminal Minds.

Q: What’s one Fun Fact about you?
A: I’m Korean/Mexican. I also drive a Tesla.

Q: What are you passionate about?
A: I love spicy food! I have a note in my phone to measure and track the Scoville Scale of my favorite peppers.

Q: What’s the last fun thing you did?
A: Go to the Hair Lingerie retreat Get Rich As F$CK and get dragged to a drag show in Palm Springs!