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West Hollywood, CA 90069
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Dylan Chavles is a hard girl to put in a box. She is impossible to stereotype and doesn’t tick off any box we’re aware of, unless there’s a box that says “Check Here if Dylan Chavles”. The best advice she ever received was “Follow your intuition. It is always 100% right.” So four months into college she dropped out and enrolled in hair school, where she knew she belonged. HL’s OG, she doesn’t follow trends and never will. Behind the tough “Fuck you, I know who I am” confidence is a secret domestic homebody who spends all her time and money buying new cleaning supplies and cookware. It’s ok Dylan, we won’t tell anyone. 😉

Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out in the hair industry?
A: Assist someone you look up to who WANTS to teach you!! Learn everything you can from them. (Fun Fact, she used to assist HL Boss Kiara Bailey!!!)

Q: What’s in your pocket or purse right now?
A: Passport, tampons, cigarettes, and some tamarindo candy. (um…passport?)

Q: What’s the most important thing you do every day?
A: Make my bed! (We agree! HL Life Hack #1: Making your bed starts off your day with an accomplishment!)