Salon Phone:


With an impressive client list that includes Brittney Spears, Cindy Crawford, and Fifth Harmony, Dimitri Gianettos is an incredibly talented stylist whose personality can best be summed up as My Big Fat Greek Wedding…The Even More Greek Edition! His clients love him for his dedication, talent, and tireless energy. We love him because he’s just AWESOME…the accent doesn’t hurt either! When he’s not busy traveling the world for work, he’s hanging out with his Greek gang at Le Bamboo, hiking, or hitting the flea markets for inspiration.

Q: What would people be surprised to know about you?
A: That I used to speak zero English 4 years ago when I moved to the States! I only knew the basics…HI, BYE lol.

Q: What advice do you have for someone starting out in the hair industry?
A: Be yourself! Be unique…travel a lot and get inspired by different cultures and different ethnicities. Go to the flea markets and get inspired by the people shopping there!

Q: What’s an easy styling trick anyone can do?
A: A cool ponytail or two space buns!