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Hair Lingerie was created out of an infatuation with FLawless hair …

Hair Lingerie is the ultimate experience. It is worn by the top celebrities of the world because it’s the unique feeling of knowing that you will get perfect hair, masterfully created with your individuality in mind. Hair Lingerie is only available from celebrated Specialists who have an unparalleled level of education with hair extensions. They create the styles, they influence the trends, they are the experts.

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“I’m obsessed with using Hair Lingerie on my clients. The quality of hair is beyond amazing. It’s the one extension method I’ve truly seen “grow in” a client’s hair vs. destroy it over time as many other methods often do. You couldn’t ask for a more supportive team than the Hair Lingerie staff. Love them all!”

- Sarah Conner, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“It has changed my life! Seriously it has just tripled my business and given me so much more confidence in hair extensions now. Thank you so much! I got 9 clients within a week! It’s great!”

- Jamy Morrell, HL Specialist | Reno, NV

“The class was SERIOUSLY the best class I have ever taken. I learned so much, not just about the hair but myself as well. Kiara is so amazing, she seriously blew my mind. Thank you for spending the day with me, I would gladly do it again. I really love this brand and the hair is amazing!”

- Alysa Pace, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“Loved the workshop! It really helped me break down mental barriers to professional or career solutions. Thank you for having me!”

William Clark, Assistant to Andy Lecompte | West Hollywood, CA

“Hair Lingerie is without question the best line on the market. Nothing will grow your high-end clientele faster. Best service to add volume for clients that would never usually consider extensions. I have endless great things to say!”

- Andrea Jaclyn, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“I cannot thank Kiara enough for teaching me not only her amazing line of Hair Lingerie extensions, but also for all of her wisdom and encouragement. She is one of a kind and a class act. It is an honor for me to be the first Hair Lingerie Specialist in Arizona. I’m bringing Beverly Hills to Scottsdale!”

- Bethanne Johnson, HL Specialist | Scottsdale, AZ

“I loved everything about this class! Not only is the hair amazing, but it really gave me the push I needed to make the business changes for success. Thank you Kiara and the entire Hair Lingerie team for making this experience so life changing!”

- Dana Fowler, HL Specialist | Belmont Shore, CA

“I love working with Hair Lingerie because it has given me an amazing alternative to other hair extensions that are time consuming, expensive and damaging to clients’ hair. It has increased my extension clientele because of its instant way to add length and volume, therefore made it a lucrative extension (no pun intended) to my finances.”

- Janet Barajas, HL Specialist | Valencia, CA

“Thank you so much for the class! It was so eye-opening and inspiring. It was really a kick in the butt and some much needed motivation! It has definitely made me feel more aware.”

- Anna Manessiotis, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“Thanks for everything! The class was amazing as always. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

- Amanda Jansson, HL Specialist | Costa Mesa, CA

“I love Hair Lingerie the best because of the quality of the hair and it’s the most gentle for the hair, also it’s not silicon coated so that I can always color match with clients’ own hair color so it’s invisible. I’ve been doing hair for 20 years and this is the best method to add length or fullness, it’s the best!”

- Kazumi Morton, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“I’ve always loved extensions, but I never wanted to do them if they were going to take up someone’s entire day and eventually ruin their hair. Hair Lingerie allows me to safely and quickly apply the best quality hair to achieve the safest and dreamiest results.”

- Dylan Chavles, HL Specialist | West Hollywood, CA

"Kiara is one of the most empowering women I have ever crossed paths with. Her drive and her passion for Hair Lingerie is so inspiring it radiates off of her. I am SO excited to be a part of something way bigger than hair extensions. The Masterclass changed my life, & that's just the beginning!"

- Mariah Martinez, HL Specialist | Las Vegas, NV

“My experience at the Hair Lingerie Masterclass was amazing!! It made me realize that there are so many ways to grow in the beauty industry and achieve whatever you want in life. Apart from that, the extensions are great quality and are so easy to apply and remove. I would recommend anyone to use Hair Lingerie extensions. Hair Lingerie really cares about their Specialists and the fact that they want you to grow and know you have their support is amazing! Kiara is so inspiring as well, she really made me see life in a whole different way and know it is important to value ourselves as hairdressers. Overall the class was worth the drive and I will gladly go to another one. I feel blessed to be a part of this family and I can’t wait to start using more HL extensions! Thank you Hair Lingerie for the opportunity!

- Jessica Reyes, HL Specialist | Las Vegas, NV

“I’ve been doing extensions for over 14 years and have never found a company like HL. Not only is it the best hair on the market, but I love the support and love they have given me. Kiara is like no other and such an inspiration. HL Family is not only a game changer in extensions but a life changer. I love you guys!”

- Monique Hale, HL Specialist | Studio City, CA

“I'm so so excited and blessed to be a part of this amazing company!
I used to do individual bond extensions for over 10 years and since I became a Hair Lingerie Specialist, I feel like a new era has begun! I've tried many tape-in extension companies and HL has by far the best quality! Besides the hair, Kiara is such an amazing person and she is always there for you to help move your career to the next level!”

- Dimitri Giannetos, HL Specialist | Beverly Hills, CA

“I can’t thank you guys enough for the seriously incredible class. Everything from the motivational conversations, to the adorable details and great food made it without a doubt one of, if not the best class I have ever been to. And to think I thought I would just be learning how to put in hair extensions! Thank you guys so much. I really woke up feeling re-motivated and energized!”

- Carly Zanoni, HL Specialist | La Jolla, CA

“Hair Lingerie is a one of a kind experience. I feel inspired to be around such a talented exclusive group of stylists who continue to grow and better themselves. The team behind the brand is authentic and real. It feels good to be a part of something with people who want to see you succeed. It’s a feeling not everyone is lucky enough to experience.”

- Tatum Cushing, Assistant to Bethanne Johnson | Scottsdale, AZ


Our Hair Extension Specialists are the most highly trained hair-artists in the world. We feature their talent. We build their brand. We increase their influence.Utilizing a direct distribution model, we hand-pick stylists from the top salons in the world. We use our one-on-one education system to increase their expertise in using hair extensions to create lustworthy locks all the while maintaining the health and vibrancy of the clients natural hair.

We created a company that guides Specialists into becoming exceptional business people in addition to skilled artists. Our business building techniques and individualized strategy sessions are exclusive to Hair Lingerie and credited with increasing our Specialists income exponentially.

Hair lingerie history

Founded in 2005, Hair Lingerie was created by industry expert Kiara Bailey to address the complications commonly associated with hair extension use.  Challenges with traditional hair extensions include inferior products, time-consuming application processes, and moderate to severe hair damage. Hair Lingerie was designed to specifically address these client concerns, resulting in a product preferred by leading industry professionals for its superior quality, ease of application/removal, comfortable wear, and NON-DAMAGING EFFECT on clients’ natural hair. Your clients will actually experience hair REPAIR when wearing Hair Lingerie, allowing them to have the hair they’ve ALWAYS WANTED and KEEP the hair they have!

Our mission is to develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of our clients while providing a client service and user experience that exceeds expectations. We maintain the highest  levels of quality and excellence by requiring our Specialists to undergo an intensive training and education program before being certified to use Hair Lingerie. Hair Lingerie can ONLY be applied by a trained and certified Hair Lingerie Specialist, ensuring both a stylist and client experience that is unmatched in the industry.

Hair Lingerie is the only extension line in the marketplace designed by a renowned industry expert. Kiara Bailey was frustrated with the inferior products in the marketplace and the damage they caused to her clients’ hair. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist at some of the most prestigious salons and over 15 years experience as an hair extensions expert, Kiara was determined to use her expertise to create an extension alternative  superior in quality and experience to any existing product in the marketplace.  Hair Lingerie is the result of over eight years of research and development.  What makes Hair Lingerie unparalleled in the industry is our commitment to product quality, dynamic user experience, and ethos of sustainability:

 – All Hair Lingerie hair is ethically sourced from a region near Russia known for the quality of their hair. We support the local economy by paying premium dollar for the hair that we select.

 – Hair Lingerie hair is completely natural. We only bleach our hair, but we don’t compromise its integrity by using chemicals or stripping it to achieve a desirable look as many other inferior extension brands do!

 – Hair Lingerie is designed to be SAFE to use on ALL hair. The Hair Lingerie system (effective but gentle adhesive, application process, ventilated lace/polymer design) was developed specifically to maintain and promote the health of your natural hair.

 – Hair Lingerie is completely customizable! Our range of support products and intensive training allow our Specialists to customize the Hair Lingerie experience across a diverse range of hair types or achieve a desired texture in a certain area.

 – Through our advanced education and certification program, we ensure that only highly trained stylists have access to Hair Lingerie, resulting in a client experience that is best in class.

 – We are committed to the  success of our Specialists and provide ongoing business development unheard of in the hair industry. Through our mentorship component we have helped many Specialists build their brand and double their income!

  • Since its launch in 2005, Hair Lingerie remains the only healthy alternative to hair extensions!!


What I wish I'd known before... getting hair extensions. And how to make them look natural. First, confession time. I used to be a hair-extension snob; the sort of person who looked at pictures of celebrities with undisguised glee when you could see their clip-ins...

- Harpers Bazaar

The 4 Best Hair Extension Brands, According to Celebrity Hairstylists


Meaghan used Hair Lingerie brand extensions on this client since they are specifically designed to NOT damage your own hair while still providing the length and fullness you desire. The Hair Lingerie brand can only be applied by a stylist that has been trained through their educational program.


I liked the idea of individuals, but Priscilla wasn’t sure my hair would be strong enough, so she suggested Hair Lingerie tape-ins, because they’re gentle, help with growth, and when done right, go almost all the way up to the part which would allow me to add a generous amount of length without a line of demarcation.


Kylie is actually wearing hair extensions by Hair Lingeriethe high-end line created by Kiara Bailey in 2005, which is used only in top salons. Kylie’s were custom made by celebrity stylist Cristina Rocha. Kylie is known to change up her hair color and hairstyles quite frequently. She’s shaved some off, dyed it blue, dyed it back to black, cut it, had extensions put in — what a chameleon!


Sarah’s experience with extensions began with her mentor, Kacey Welch. “I worked with her for two years and she taught me how to do the sew-in method. Then one of our girlfriends, Kiara Bailey created this method called Hair Lingerie, so when that came out I took the class. Then I, in turn, actually taught Kacey how to do the tape, so we taught each other the different methods,” she says.


Haven't Heard of Hair Lingerie Yet? You Will!



Do not shampoo hair for 12 hours after application to guarantee the adhesion and durability.
To ensure you have the best results with your Hair Lingerie services follow these tips!

 – Shampoo hair at least 2-3 times per week. Never go longer than 3 days in between shampooing.

 – Shampoo and/or blow dry after exercise to remove sweat and oils.

 – NEVER brush hair when wet. Brush out all tangles before shampooing and cleanse thoroughly between each panel.

 – Use an intensive treatment to keep hair soft, and prevent “bunching and tangling”.

 – NEVER apply any conditioner to the scalp. Apply starting halfway down the hair shaft and work through the ends.

 – For smoothness, spray Leave-in Conditioner on your hair before blow drying, or use products specially designed to polish the hair.

– ALWAYS dry the adhesive at point of application after each shampoo and before brushing or styling to prevent slippage.

  • To avoid tangles and hair damage, remember to:

– Brush in between each panel on a daily basis to prevent matting.

– Hold the root of the panel and start brushing the ends first.

– Braid or secure your hair when sleeping, exercising or going in the wind.

– Never sleep on your Hair Lingerie when they are wet.


We use a medical grade acrylic adhesive that is skin safe. Our adhesive is formulated to be strong and effective, yet gentle and safe for use on your skin.

Hair Lingerie hair sources the best quality hair from Mongolia and India. In addition to paying top dollar for our hair to support these micro-economies, we also minimally process the hair (bleach only!) to ensure its integrity and strength. Certifications of this sort aren’t common practice, but we will provide you with any additional information we get from our supplier.

Hair Lingerie prevents and oftentimes corrects hair damage caused by other hair extensions products by evenly distributing the weight of the panel on your support hair (not causing stress on your natural hair), using a polymer and lace technology on the panel that allows maximum ventilation, and application with a proprietary adhesive designed to be strong yet gentle. Further, all Hair Lingerie Specialists are highly trained in the application and removal of Hair Lingerie to ensure a comfortable and safe client experience without any damage their natural hair!

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