“With the experience and expertise of Kiara, I have never been in a more stable financial situation and my business is constantly and consistently growing. I haven’t had to stress about how to pay rent, payroll, supplies, or myself. With her guidance and accountability, we built a salon based on what I was already making. I took out a small loan, paid it off within 6 months and still payed myself the same salary as before I opened. It feels good to take a vacation, have a life and do the things I love without constantly stressing about money or my business ONLY because I continually have Kiara’s mentorship.”

Jamy Morrell, owner Desert Beauty, Reno, CA

“After over 20 years of my hair career I decided to open up my own salon in Beverly Hills. I went to the best business woman in the industry I know, Kiara Bailey. She helped me with everything, from finding the right architect, deciding where to spend money and where to save money, setting up the business model and training receptionists. She helped me with the challenges that I faced as a salon owner and helped me to be better leader, better mentor and the best mom I can be. She challenges me and inspires me so much, I’m so grateful to know her and have her in my life.”

 Kazumi Morton, owner Salon Kazumi Beverly Hills, CA

Packages available

Personal Consulting
Business Review

Personal Consulting
Business Review
Strategies to Increase Personal Income

Personal Consulting
Business Review
Strategies to Increase Personal Income
Accountancy Practice Implementation

Complete Consultancy for New Business Set Up
30 day Reviews and Follow up for 90 day Period

*All fees above are for a 30 day period.


Key Note Speeches
60 Minutes
$7,500 Plus Travel Expenses.

Full Day Training on Business Set Up and Implementations
$15,000 Plus Travel Expenses.


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