Haven’t Heard of Hair Lingerie Yet? You Will!

ION studio, founded by three editorial hairdressers, is a sustainable, eco-friendly salon in NYC and home of the greatest invention since balayage: Hair Lingerie. We’re now convinced it’s one of the latest, most cost-effective hair extension systems out there. We quizzed Hair Lingerie whiz Marcus Diaz on the newest way to a Gisele-like bountiful bouff!

Tell me about the concept of Hair Lingerie. Where did it begin?


Surprising facts/benefits about Hair Lingerie?


Talk me through the application process. How long does it take?


Where does the hair come from?

Can I really wash as normal? How about tying it up and blow-drying?

How do you remove Hair Lingerie? Can I do it myself? How long does it take?

They are strips! If someone runs their hand through my hair are they going to feel them?


How does Hair Lingerie not damage/stunt hair growth like other hair extensions?

What are the best products to use with these extensions?



COST: A full head: $300; service charge for a half head of extensions starts at $200 and a full head starts $400.

APPLICATION TIME: One to two hours

REMOVAL: 30 minutes

LASTS FOR: 9 months


Source: http://www.marieclaire.com/beauty/hair/a5131/hair-lingerie-hair-extensions/

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